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Manual EL Tester

EL Screening system


Solar Panel Series

Online EL Scanner

Online EL Tester

Offline EL Tester

Offline EL Scanner

PV Station series

Portable EL Tester

Item Parameter
Cycle time < 30S (Length side on front)
  < 38S (Short side on front)
Sample Size

156*156mm/72pcs, extend up to 96pcs






156*78mm/144pcs extend up to 192pcs


Length: 1550-2100mm


Width: 700-1100mm extend up to 1300pcs

Power supply

8.5A/60V, extend up to 27A/80V

Shooting type

Shift up & Direct/Reflect optinal

Camera type

Industrial grade CCD 8M pixels


Industrial grade CCD1.4M pixels


Industrial grade COMS16M pixels


3200*2500(*2) pixels


1360*1024(*2) pixels


4644*3506 pixels